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"You Will in Time" by Edgar Davenport

It was 1971 and a 20 year old Edgar had left his home in Shreveport, Louisiana for Las Vegas with dreams of being the next Elvis. After a string of low paying jobs and a few stints of homelessness, his luck would finally change in 1973 when Edgar met music producer Bruno Skelig. The producer took Edgar under his wing, and began producing Edgar's music as well as taking on manager duties and acting as Edgar's label. The two developed a romantic relationship; one that friends would later describe to police as "intense".

Edgar onstage in 1973

During this time Edgar would write the song “You Will in Time”. It was released in 1974 on Bruno’s new record label and would be Edgar's only official release; as two weeks later, police were called to Bruno's residence for a welfare check. When they arrived they found Edgar dead of a gunshot wound. A trial followed with Bruno claiming to have shot Edgar in self-defense. He was cleared of murder charges and was only made to pay a small fine for imprroperly registering a handgun. Soon after the trial, Bruno left Vegas and the music industry, and has never been heard from again.

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